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My Approach

Dr. Lee believes therapy is a collaborative process built upon respectful listening and courageous conversations. While she works to provide change quickly through using empirically-validated methods, ensuring clients feel understood is central to her therapeutic approach.  Dr. Lee's curiosity and passion for learning keeps her incorporating knowledge across disciplines so she can bring new perspectives to her clients. 

The foundation for Dr. Lee's approach to therapy is her extensive education in family systems theory which sees individuals in the context of their relationships.  The central tenet is based on the idea that change that occurs within one family member will effect change in the rest of the family.  This empowers anyone in a relationship to try new tools and watch the ripple effect.

Another influence of Dr. Lee is the relationship research of Dr. John Gottman and his Institute out of Seattle, Washington.  He is the author of numerous books, including The Seven Principles for Making Marriages Work, based on his longitudinal research on couples and families.  Dr. Gottman's understanding of what works in successful relationships has informed therapists around the world.  

Dr. Lee also believes that most people are doing the best they can with what they have at the time. We all get stuck in life's transitions and sometimes our best efforts at getting out of the situation is actually what keeps us there.  Dr. Lee believes in finding more options to handle the bumps in our relationships rather than limiting our choices.

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